The Little Thompson Watershed Coalition will receive proposals for the NRCS EMERGENCY WATERSHED PROTECTION IMPLEMENTATION PROJECT: RABBIT MOUNTAIN

Bid Documents:


Plan Set


Technical Specifications

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Proposals must be received by the Little Thompson Watershed Coalition no later than: August 20th, 2018 at or before 5:00 PM MDT. The coalition will date and time stamp all proposals and log all receipts.  No proposal will be considered which has not been received by the deadline set forth above. 

All proposals shall be submitted to Scott Lewis via the email address below as a PDF document. Call after sending to confirm it was received. Phone: (303) 919-7097.

Deliver proposals via email to:

Mandatory Pre-Proposal Meeting: A Pre-Proposal Meeting will be held on Monday July 30th, 2018 10:00 am at 5201 St. Vrain Rd., 1st floor conference room, Longmont, CO 80503. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the RFP and to provide assistance to bidders, consultants and contractors in the interpretation of this Request for Proposals (RFP), or any terms and conditions contained herein. Attendance at this meeting is required for all those intending to submit proposals.

Mandatory Site Visit: A tour of the site will immediately follow the pre-proposal meeting. Location details will be shared at the pre-proposal meeting. Drive time is approximately 30 minutes. Attendance at this site visit is required for all those intending to submit proposals.

Written Inquiry Deadline: Written inquiries will be accepted until August 13th, 2018 at 5:00 PM via email to Scott Lewis at They will be responded to in writing to all interested parties via email by August 15th, 2018 by 5:00 PM.

Cost may not exceed $159,316.50. The landowner and/or other volunteers will provide additional in kind services to assist with revegetation within the project area.

For additional information regarding this RFP, please contact:

Until August 3rd:

Teagen Blakey, Little Thompson Watershed Coalition

303-434-6293 or


Following August 3rd:

Scott Lewis, Little Thompson Watershed Coalition

303-919-7097 or


Selection of CONTRACTOR will be made by August 27th, 2018. The Coalition will publish a notice of award by August 28th, 2018. Execution of a contract with the CONTRACTOR is contingent on the sub-recipient agreement between the Coalition and the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) having been executed by that time. If the sub-recipient agreement has not been executed by August 28th, 2018 the Coalition, at its sole discretion, will delay the signing of the contract with the CONTRACTOR until such sub-recipient agreement is signed.

If the Sub-Recipient Agreement is approved for a different value than set forth in this RFP then the scope of work associated with this contract will be re-evaluated through the Project Partners Process to meet the budget and the contract will be renegotiated.

The deadline for work to be completed is: Nov. 30th, 2018. Work can not start until Nov. 1st, 2018. However there are several permits that need to be acquired before Nov. 1st.