Water Supply Reserve Account $60K Completed Study report available on this website.
CWCB Urgent Needs grant $170K Completed Debris Removal Grant completed; Implementation project is contracted and underway
CDBG-DR Capacity Building Grant ((DOLA) $xxx Underway Personnel and operations funded through June 2018
CDBG-DR Planning: Sediment
Transport Study
$300K Completed Study report available on this website.
CDBG-DR Planning: Floodplain Rehabilitation for Stagecoach and CR4/Green Bridge $412K Completed Design and engineering (and permitting) for river restoration at Stagecoach (Blue Mountain) and CR4/Green Bridge (Berthoud)
CDBG-DR Planning: Wildlife Habitat Study $98K Declined Will pursue through other sources in 2018
DHSEM Infrastructure:
Stagecoach Trail Bridge Replacement in Blue Mountain
$800K Underway LTWC managing stakeholder outreach; Larimer County managing the design and construction
CDBG-DR Implementation Round 1 $299K includes match to $728,000 83rd/EWP Completed Projects: 83rd Street (EWP), River Way and Silo at CR 4
NRCS-EWP $4.8M Allocated 1 of 5 Completed 83rd St completed; Stagecoach underway (project transferred to Larimer County), CR4/Green Bridge about to get underway, Milliken on hold; Rabbit Mountain about to get underway. All matches and sponsors confirmed.
CDBG-DR Planning Round 3 $244K Declined Partnering on project awarded to partner coalitions
CDBG-DR Implementation Round 2 $691K Underway 3 projects: Stagecoach match to EWP; Dakota (3 properties); and Lempka property. For Stagecoach, includes permitting, legal, construction oversight, accounting etc