It’s Easy! It Costs You Nothing!! It Makes Money For LTWC!!!

Request one or more cards from LTWC by sending your order to Teagen Blakey at assistantcoordinator@ltwatershed.org or calling her at 303-434-2370.

How Does It Work?

A card is worth $2.50 in groceries or gas when you receive it.  It is barcoded to LTWC. We ask that you donate the $2.50 to LTWC since we had to pay that amount to activate those initial funds for the card.

The card can be used at any Kroger subsidiary including King Soopers, Loaf’n’Jug, City Market and others. Five percent of what you purchase, including fuel, automatically goes into our account. LTWC receives a monthly check from Kroger.

Take the card with you to the store.  Before they start scanning your groceries, tell the clerk you want to add money to your card.  You can pay for the money added to the card using cash, check or credit card.  You can add as much as you want so that you can use it for several trips to the store and/or gas station.

Once the money is added to the card, you use it just like a credit card for groceries or gas.  Continue to use your own Kroger Rewards card (earning frequent shopper credits) just like you would use it with any form of payment. You will still get those rewards towards your own rewards program/account.


Order your card today! And order extras for friends and family! Help us help you restore the river!

Thank you.