Staff attended a Water Law for Coalitions workshop in October, 2017 with Sean Cronin, Executive Director of the St. Vrain and Lefthand Water Conservancy District. Below are three entertaining and informative PowerPoint presentations covering everything from the history of water in Colorado and the evolution of water law to in-stream flows and current water issues. 

1: Water Background

“These vast plains of the western hemisphere may become in time equally celebrated with the sandy deserts of Africa.” – Lt. Zebullon Pike, 1806

2: The Challenges and Opportunities

“Colorado’s Water Plan sets an objective to sustainably fund its implementation. In order to support this objective, the State will investigate options to raise additional revenue in the amount of $100 million annually ($3 billion by 2050) starting in 2020.”

3: Water Law 101

“Senate Bill 97 created the State’s Instream Flow Program and gave the CWCB (Colorado Water Conservation Board) the exclusive authority to appropriate instream flow water rights and to protect water in a reach of stream.”