Larry Lempka – President and Director

Mr. Lempka has a business degree and 40 years of experience in water and land, farming and ranching, construction and excavating, and financial management. He lives on the Little Thompson River in the Berthoud reach, where he grew up.

Scott Lewis – Vice President and Director

Mr. Lewis is a Mechanical Engineer with 30 years of experience, specializing in Forensic Engineering the last eight years of his career.  His family has had a farm on the Little Thompson River since 1972 and Scott is a director of three ditch companies, two of which sustained major damage during the September 2013 floods.  Scott was instrumental in obtaining grants and loans for the ditch companies as well as overseeing the repairs of the structures.

Terry Parrish – Vice-President and Director

Mr. Parrish has a life-time of experience on the Little Thompson River with expertise in its natural ecosystems. He has worked for years with bird watchers, beekeepers, and supports conservation efforts. Wild turkeys, peacocks and knapweed beetles provide pest control instead of herbicides. He has management experience after many years at Hewlett Packard, and currently runs a ranching and events business on the Little Thompson River on the family ranch where he grew up in the Boulder County reach.

Kerri Larson – Treasurer and Director

Ms. Larson has degrees in Social Science and Information Technologies and current works in revenue assurance for an international telecommunications company. She has worked internationally creating help and technical documentation training entry level through C-level employees on newly developed software and supported the implementation of a new corporate-wide business process. She lives on the main stem of the Little Thompson River.

Brad Clark – Secretary and Director

Mr. Clark has lived on the Little Thompson River in the Berthoud reach since 2002. He moved to Colorado in 1994 to attend graduate school at CU Boulder. He gained experience in engineering projects and program management at several northern Colorado companies. Currently he works for Vestas, a Danish wind turbine manufacturer, in their Windsor blade factory as a mechanical engineer. He also runs a small farm raising pigs, chickens and vegetables.

Sean Gilliam – Director

Mr. Gilliam is a local Realtor® for RE/MAX Alliance. He and his family live along the Little Thompson River in the Pinewood Springs reach.

Greg Overton – Director

Mr. Overton is an engineer, retired from IBM. He is originally from the east coast and has lived on the Little Thompson River for XX years in the Big Elk Meadows reach.

Bryan Roberts – Director

Mr. Roberts is a systems engineer with experience across a spectrum of industrial and commercial engineering projects in addition to IT service delivery to public-sector federal agencies. He grew up on the Little Thompson River in the Dakota Ridge reach and lives adjacent to that same ranch property.

Michael Conrey – Director

Michael has a degree in Geology and lives along the banks of the Little Thompson River just west of Hwy 287.  Along with his wife Beth they have lived near Berthoud for 25 years.  They keep bees and have a honey business, Bee Squared Apiaries.