The Advisory Board has several responsibilities to govern the Little Thompson Watershed Coalition:

  • Approves strategic directions for the LTWC.
  • Champions communication between the LTWC and government representatives.
  • As needed, determines how funds and volunteers will be allocated to restoration work.
  • Oversees the design and implementation of watershed changes.
  • Coordinates volunteer activities in the watershed.
  • Champions restoration issues with the appropriate governmental agencies.
  • Provides guidance and information for the consulting firm doing the Master Plan for the watershed.
  • Ensures landowners and stakeholders in the watershed have a voice in the Master Plan.
  • Oversees finding and acquiring funds and volunteers.
  • Manages media and fund raising initiatives.
  • Ensures landowners and stakeholders in the watershed are aware of restoration activities.
  • Ensures the integrity and accuracy of all financial transactions that occur during the restoration process.
Advisory Board
Brandon Krueger


Chris Carroll  US Forest Service
Dawn Hagan  Blue Mountain reach
Denise Cote  Blue Mountain reach
Denise Grimm  Boulder County

Donald Moore

 Department of Homeland Security – Emergency Management (DHSEM)
Doug Spence  Boulder County reach
Gerald Fearn  Community Partner
Gordon Gilstrap  Former Steering Committee Chair, Community Partner
Jeff Crane

 Consultant on the State’s Technical Assistance Team

Jeff Weber  Big Elk Meadows reach

Jeffrey Moline

 Boulder County
Joel Max  Larimer County
Johanna Zeh  Community Partner
Julie Cozad  Weld County
Julie Stapp  Big Thompson Conservation District

KC McFerson

 Colorado Dept. of Local Affairs (DOLA)
Kent Brown  Town of Milliken
Kevin McCarty  Big Thompson Conservation District
Larry Glover  Community Partner
Laura Emerson  Big Thompson Conservtion District, Treasurer for Big Thompson Watershed Coalition
Laura Levy  Community Partner
Laura Tyler  Big Thompson Conservation District
Lori Hodges  Larimer County
Sam Adams  US Dept of Agriculture (USDA)
Chris Sturm  Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB)
Terry Gilbert  Larimer County
Tim Katers  Colorado Dept. of Local Affairs (DOLA)
Todd Boldt  USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)